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For Agents & Vendors

The Sydney property market is hard enough. Paying for multiple property inspections prior to auction can get expensive for buyers, while vendors adopt a “why should I pay for it?” attitude. At Dwell Property Inspections, we believe no one should have to go in blind, and have all bases covered.

Completing the inspection early gives you a clear indication of the current condition of the property. It provides the comfort of knowing that no issues will affect the sale once an offer has been accepted, or give you the ability to get on top of any issues prior to listing to achieve your best result. Having a Building and Pest Inspection Report available for potential purchasers means they’ll have the information they need to make an offer faster, or proceed to the auction ready to bid with confidence.

We have different pricing structures to suit different situations, and a secure Paypal portal for customers to purchase copies of the report ready for immediate download (see our PURCHASE REPORTS page). The vendor can make a contribution that will ultimately offset the cost at the end for the successful purchaser.

plan 1
  • $0 vendor contribution
  • $400 buyer fee
plan 2
  • $200 vendor contribution
  • $200 buyer fee
plan 3
  • $400 vendor contribution
  • $0 buyer fee
plan 4
  • $495 vendor fee
  • $0 buyer fee

Feedback on downloads and purchasers is shared with the listing agent to gain a clearer sense of who’s serious about the property after attending an open house. The download includes time on the phone to talk through the report, giving the buyer the chance to have questions answered as if they’ve carried out the inspection themselves, and assist with any concerns and clarification. The successful purchaser of the property has the report is transferred into their name so it can be relied upon in a legal sense.

We know this system exists through other platforms. It is perfect for a city with properties that predominantly go to auction, and it works. But when you’re engaging a genuinely local and independent business, you can be assured a much higher quality of personal service, a renewed sense of trust and satisfaction from buyers, faster booking times and turnaround on reports, the availability to take the time to explain queries with vendors and buyers ensuring clarity to all parties, and a point of difference to your competitors when chasing new listings.

Our reports are written in accordance with Australian Standards 4349.1-2007.